Lucy Christmas

About Leah

Custom Photography with Luke 6:31 at its heart.

Hi!  I’m Leah O’Gwynn Kackley.  Sanomo Photo (Sah-no’-mo) is the product of my picking up a camera when my oldest was born, hoping to improve my ability to capture moments in her life.  As the years went by, and Jason and I added to our flock, learning photography became a serious hobby.  Now, it is what I affectionately call my “accidental business”.  We are a homeschooling family with three active kids, (SArah, NOah, and MOlly), so Sanomo doesn’t schedule very many appointments in a month.  Pro bono work is important to me as well, so I do try to find time to include that in my schedule.

Custom ballet/dance photography is one of my unique services. I spent many years in ballet studios as I was growing up, as well as through college. While I dismissed the idea of dancing professionally sometime around high school, I’ve always held great love for this art form. And my experience with ballet and what a dancer should look like helps me to help the dancer look her best in camera.

Photography is something I do for the love of the process and for the joy of memorializing special times in your life. It is photography with Luke 6:31, the “golden rule”, at its heart.  My goal is to treat you the way I would want to be treated.  I don’t schedule a lot of sessions because I’m needed at home more than I’m needed behind the camera.  But when I do get behind the camera, you are my most important focus.